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10 Best Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Have you ever imagined your life without a bathroom in your home? Do you want to decorate your bathroom but you feel it’s too small for that? With that being said, your bathroom needs a lot of your attention as you need it to maintain your hygiene and health. Usually, we mostly concentrate on our living and dining rooms and ignore our bathrooms. Furthermore, most of the middle-class homes have small bathrooms and the confined space becomes a reason for negligence. We have listed down some useful and budget-friendly small bathroom decorating ideas. Follow them and make the important part of your home lively and pleasing.

What is the Size of a Small Bathroom?

To tell you the truth, everyone’s definition of a small bathroom is different. However, the U.S. standard size of a “small” bathroom is 5’ x 8’. This is the minimum and anything bigger than that would be considered a children’s bathroom or an oversized hall. The sizes of master bathrooms vary, depending on the year it was built. The newer ones have huge master bathrooms and the older ones are smaller, comparatively. So, let’s stick to the 5’x8’ size and apply the following small bathroom decorating ideas.

Things to Remember Before Applying Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Before moving forward, remember a few things as these are the key to all the tips. First, everything in the bathroom has to be utilitarian. You don’t need too much decoration because let’s face it; it’s a dirty, germy room! You don’t want a lot of things and overdo it because let’s face another fact; you have a small space!

Secondly, you should use decorations that you can disinfect easily and thoroughly. Moreover, your focus should be on making your room roomy and cozy, rather than crowding it with decorative items.

The Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas to Make it Look Bigger and Cozy

Before starting your bathroom decoration or refurbishment, create a plan in your head, or better write it down. This will help you in focusing better and you won’t miss important details.

Everybody lacks time these days and wants a quick solution to their problems. If you don’t have enough time to research about the ways to optimize and decorate your bathrooms, follow the tips below. The ideas given below pretty much includes everything you need to bring liveliness back into your small bathroom.

  1. Use Lighter Tones and Colors

No wonder darker tones are energetic and appealing, but applying them to a small space makes it look even smaller. Therefore, use lighter tones in your bathroom so that it may look spacious. However, you can use some colors in contrast if you don’t like all white, gray, or beige. For instance, keep three walls white and paint the wall with a sink with a lively color. But, keep in mind that the contrasting color isn’t too bright.

PHOTO: Tessa Neustadt for Emily Henderson
  1. Put a Trio of Mirror-Shelves

Keep the clutter off the counter by placing your necessities on shelves. A trio of shelves saves space and helps you in keeping things organized. Use them above the sink because you need things there the most. Prefer mirrored shelves because they mislead the eye and make your bathroom shiny and airy. They are the alternative to mirrored decorative items that are common for bathroom designing.

  1. Hang a Bold Shower Curtain

Install a shower curtain with bold and lively prints. They are helpful in defining your small space. A shower curtain with dark prints look stunning in a bathroom painted with lighter tones. You can also try treating your curtain as a piece of art and let it do all the talking.

  1. Make a Built-in Shelve in Shower

Since you are installing a trio above the sink, make a build-in shelve in the shower. This helps in saving space and keeping toiletries organized. Make one big or two small ones with enough space for keeping shampoos, soaps, and other bathing items.

  1. Oval Sink and Mirror

The oval shape gives an illusion of more room. Moreover, they stand better in a bathroom. Keep both the sink and mirror oval shaped. However, use a combination of small-sized sink and large-sized mirror. A large, oval sized mirror, from the ceiling top to the sink makes the room look bigger.

  1. Mirror on the Window

Yeah, I know it is uncommon and might sound inappropriate to you. But, experts suggest it for small bathroom decoration because it saves you some space for shelving. What is more, the incoming sunlight gives a pleasantry feeling and makes your time inside worthwhile.

mirror on the window
Picture: dinahollandinteriors.com
  1. A Bold Piece of Art

Since I advised you to paint your bathroom with a light tone, doing something bold with decoration brings liveliness back. A combination of an audacious shower curtain and a bold piece of art on a wall is enthralling. You will feel young and enjoy your time inside.

bold piece of art

  1. Towel Racks and Towel Rods

Install racks for your towels above the bathtub or the sink; roll them up to give your bathroom to give it a spa feeling. It will be convenient for you to use the towels and keep your area spacious.  You can also try placing a rod for towels behind the door to save space if your bathroom, if it is too small.

towel rod
Picture: jennaburger.com
  1. Use Similar Colored Tiles as Paint and Décor

Using different shades for tiles and paint might appeal you, but tiling the floor and walls the same will trick your eye. It will make the area look bigger, especially when you use white.

small bathroom decorating ideas similar color paint and tiles

  1. Add Plants

Try hanging a plant shelf at a corner or place a vase on the toilet. Greenery is refreshing and relieves you a lot. Try getting fresh air when you are inside and feel active. Make sure you trim and maintain the plants every week.

plants in bathroom

That’s it! Try the above mentioned ideas and make your small bathroom look spacious and cozy. Don’t excuse space for ignoring such an important part of your home because it deserves your attention. Let me know by commenting below how much my tips contributed to decorating your bathroom? Which one of these tips did you find the best?

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