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Best Home Improvement Apps 2018

Your home is where your life is and it deserves most of your attention. Therefore, spending your time and money on home improvement is an attribute of smart people. With home improvement comes hammers and nails in mind, but there’s a lot more involved in that. The process starts with thinking how to renovate, gathering ideas, selection of the best option, and then implementation. Each step requires a lot of work, but there are ways through which you can ease this task. I have listed down some of the best home improvement apps for different purposes.

Best Home Improvement Apps for Gathering Ideas

No matter how big or small your renovation project is, you always need ideas and inspiration to start. There are apps that simulate and show how your home looks after implementing a particular idea. Isn’t it amazing that you can actually see how a certain thing looks like before even trying it out?

1) Houzz

It is an amazing platform to view hundreds of home improvement ideas. Apart from seeing real-life photos of home renovation ideas, you can find blogs and articles, buy products, and ask for advice on forums.

Moreover, you can use the “View in my Room” option to see how a wallpaper or furniture will look in your space. You can also save the ideas you have tried and see later.

The facilities don’t end here! You can also have a look at the design profiles and look for professionals to work on your project.

2) Pinterest

Image Source: Mashable

Have you ever collected ideas on a scrapbook or bulletin board or even on the door of your fridge? Pinterest is like an online version of these activities. It is an app that helps you find and organize pictures and ideas. There are different series of boards and bookmarks that are called pins where photos, videos, drawing, animations, and links are stored. There are tons of ideas on pins so it’s easy for you to find something that interests you. You can use Pinterest for multiple purposes and the one I am talking about is gathering home renovation ideas.

Using Pinterest is a piece of cake! You just have to sign up, select your areas of interest, create a board, and add pins. By doing so, you gather several ideas at one place and it gets easy for you to choose from the board.

3) HomeZada

Image Source: SproutSocial.com

HomeZada is an inventory app and it is such an amazing tool to use. Once you create a property, it automatically predicts all the common rooms in your house. If you click on your room icon and go to the “icons” tab, it even predicts all the common items you would typically find in that room. You can simply click on those items and start uploading individual photos and see how they look if you install them in your home.

Apps For Picking Paint Colors

One of the hardest tasks while renovating your home is to pick the right color that suits your space. Things look different in imaginations than they are in reality, so it’s very important to have a look at how a certain idea actually looks. A single color has different shades and the one that looks apparently cool might not look good in your room. Therefore, take help from the free home improvement apps below and choose the right colors.

1) Dulux Visualizer

Image Source: dulux.com.sg

Free for Android, iPhone, and iPad, this app shows you a real picture of how a certain paint looks. Use your camera to scan your space and pick the colors and apply to walls by clicking. You can save this real-time video and share it with your friends and ask for their opinions about the colors you tried. Picking the colors is pretty simple! You can use the built-in Dulux colors or use the picture from your phone.

This app is free in Britain only. If you belong to the U.S.A., then try the Color Snap Visualizer or Benjamin Moor Color Capture apps. Just like Dulux visualize, these are also free for all devices.

2) TapPainter

Image Source: TapPainter

This app is very much similar to Dulux Visualizer with the only difference is its availability for iOS only. However, the app developers aim to modify it and make it available for Android, too. Take pictures of your room and play with different colors and see how they look. You can also increase or decrease brightness and change hues and saturation if you want. Share pictures with your friend to gather more ideas and finalize the best color for your room.

3) Color911

Image Source: Color911

This app doesn’t only help you in matching colors, but also allow you to make your own palette. You can either use the built-in 100 color themes or have a look at the palette made by others. Each built-in color theme has 36 different shades so you can imagine the variety you may choose from.

Due to ease of use and availability of feasible features, the Architectural magazine bestowed the “Best Designing and Decorating App 2017” award upon the manufacturers.

Advanced Home Improvement Apps

There’s a lot more involved in home renovations other than just paintings and settings. You need help for measuring, calculating, and DIY ideas while going through the renovation process. Seeking professional help involves a lot of expense and it’s pretty hard to afford. Below are the apps you can use to find professional help and DIY ideas.

1) iHandy Carpenter

It is an exclusive iOS app used for carpeting purpose including measuring and calculating. There are five measuring tools this app allows you to use that include a ruler, surface level, protractor, bubble level, and plumb bob. You get a professional carpenter’s help by using this app for free.

2) Porch

Image Source: Porch

The trouble starts when it’s time to find professionals for your home renovation such as a plumber, carpenter, cleaners, electricians, etc. Where to find them and how to know their locations? There’s no need to worry about it because Porch does that for you. Once you have downloaded the app, you just have to enter the keywords such as “plumber in xyz area.” The app directs you to a map of the area you entered with a lot of blue and red dots that show the expert locations.

3) HomeAdvisor

Image Source: HomeAdvisor

This app is just as similar to the porch that helps you in finding your desired expert. It shows you the locations of available professionals in your area and also allows you to book an appointment with the one you feel satisfied with. Now the question is how will you feel satisfied? Well, you can always read the reviews and call the professional and ask questions popping up your mind.

All the above-mentioned are the free home improvement apps. I have tried all of them, but the Dulux Visualizer app helped me a lot in finding the right color for my room when I was renovating my home last year. Did you try one of these? Do let me know by commenting below which one of these you tried and how did you find it?

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