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Best Home Trends for 2018

It’s that time of the year when you think where you spent the whole year and what are you going to do in the coming ones. Since we are just a couple of days behind the New Years Eve, so many things are already on our “to-do” list. Home décor gets updated every year, so it’s high time for you to know the best home trends for 2018.

Your home is the place where you are at peace the most, so ignoring its design and interior is out of the question. Let’s say goodbye to the old trends of 2017 and welcome the splendor that awaits you for the coming year.

What is Going to be Out?

First, I will be telling about the soon-to-be-outdated trends. So, you better avoid them and know what’s new in the interior world. Have a look!

All-White and Gray

Gone are the days when people used to crave for all white or gray interior. The latest home trends focus on more sophisticated colors to give a life to your home. Being monotonous isn’t something you can afford in such a fast-paced world. Then, how can you paint your home all white or gray and feel bored or dumb all the time?

Huge and Fancy Furniture

“Good things come in small packages” as they say. Simple is the new sexy! So, avoid overwhelming furniture. It’s the era of classiness and elegance so staying away from oversized sofas and tables is advisable. You have to be creative in using your space in the smartest possible way.

Copper Furniture

The shiny rose gold furniture seems to have completed its time. It is now replaced by the classic aged brass, but don’t panic! Copper has always been in fashion time and again, so hopefully, it will come back after a few years. However, you should be getting rid of it in the coming year and store it somewhere safe to use it later.

Purely Antique

Like I told you before, you can’t afford to be monotonous in this era. Change is constant these days and the rest is variable. Therefore, avoid using a single pattern in your home including antique décor no matter how much you love it. It’s effective to use some antique items, but don’t take your home back to the old times, entirely.

What’s Going to be In?

Since you already know what to avoid, let’s now talk about the trends that are going to be in after a few days. Incorporating them into your latest interior would be smart choices, so try them out!

Matte Appliances

The uniqueness of matte appliances is they look bold without giving a rigorous appearance. The slate used in these tools are smudge proof and don’t show fingerprints. You can find cool matte designs at various shops that are going to give a handsome personality to your kitchen. Try the ones that are recently introduced for 2018 and enjoy your kitchen time!

Woven Décor

The traditionally patterned woven textured interior isn’t just elegant but also brings accents back to your room. You may hang a woven basket as a central point or put plants in an intricate wicker jar. Again, you have to be smart in decoration. For instance, you may use velvet furniture with handmade cushions to give a sophisticated look. You can try other ideas as well that go well with the woven décor.


Marble has been in fashion for past few years and the trend is likely to be continued in the coming one, too. The tile market has been in the loss for several years now and the chances would remain same for the coming year.

Catchy Colored Paints

Rather than going for all white and gray, try dark and catchy colors for painting your rooms. However, try painting them with lighter contrast. For instance, using orange with white gives a striking look to a room. Don’t paint monotonously even when you use dark colors. What is more, chocolate brown is coming back in 2018, so it would be a smart choice, too.


Like I told you before, brass has replaced shiny copper and the interior designers will be using it on a massive scale in 2018.

In a Nutshell

Your home is the place where you spend the most quality time. You can make your home time pleasurable and cozy by designing it in a classy manner. Just like you keep yourself updated with the latest clothing fashion, know what is in and out in the interior world.

That’s it! Drop your comments below and let me know did this post help you in deciding how to design your home for the coming year?

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